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Roger Ballen’s Series OUTLAND

While Roger Ballin‘s photographic series OUTLAND, spanning 20 years of documentary photography, may seem like some twisted and horrific fiction, these photos are reflections of reality. Ballin spent two decades traveling in rural South Africa, photographic its most surreal inhabitants, and the result is Outland. This iconic series was originally published in book form in 2001, and has been repressed this year by Phaidon and is available here. Below you’ll find a handful of what is contained within – snapshots of life’s strange manifestations, the remnants of a decayed system, and small bits and pieces of love and beauty scattered in darkness. I highly recommend watching the promotional video by Ben Jay Crossman. Get weird.


028-child-bird 031-man-turtle 044-half-blinded 055-man-drawing 071-child-under 079-balancing 083-casket 087-men-field 114-doll-wall 118-b-child-w-foot 129-pry 133-cat-fishtank 151-captor-captured Show-off-2000


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