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Gothic Futurism…Fuck Yeah RAMMELLZEE Rules!

Total artistic freedom! Total artistic madness! And a human that was flying around in his own solar system before he landed on Earth. This sort of sums up the late outergalatic art wizard RAMMELLZEE, but to fit this creative alien into a box would be impossible! He was so many different things, from a visual artist who bent the normal into something that had never been seen, or a performance artist who could become a mythical urban samurai warrior. At the core of RAMMELLZEE’s being was a sphere of energy that was otherworldly and knew no bounds when it came to what he manifested while he was on this planet. He used the creative language of Gothic Futurism to express the cosmic mathematical visions that existed within him. To look at his work is to look into another universe, a place where the common human will lose themself. I had the chance to get to know him while I lived in New York, which was a trip unto itself. One day I went into his apartment and almost lost it with amazement at all of the unreal pieces of art that surrounded us. RAMMELLZEE lived a colorful life, so, therefore, there are many stories to tell and this feature is just not long enough to tell them. I will say that he changed the world and sprayed the art world with his giant can of fantasy.

More than me writing about RAMMELLZEE, I want to let his fantastic works of Gothic Futurism say the things that I can’t! So today CVLT Nation says FUCK YEAH RAMMELLZEE.

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Sentient 51423

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