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Apocalyptic Blues

GNAW THEIR TONGUES New Song is Industrial Blues full of Beautiful Agony!

Blissed out Agony, Blissed out Mental Torture, and an Unnerving eternal pain that can’t be stopped. This is how I’m feeling after listening to the new Gnaw Their Tongues song ‘”o Rival Death in Beauty.” What you are about to see and hear is Industrial Blues meant for the last days. Call me demented, but I find so much beauty in this visual that was created by Chariot Of Black Moth because it goes perfectly with the music created by Gnaw Their Tongues. I speak the truth, yet with every word uttered, thousands die is the name of Gnaw Their Tongues’s new album that comes out on April 3rd via Consouling Sounds and it can be pre-ordered HERE!

Written By

Sentient 51423

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