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Getting Lost in Space with Tomb Mold’s “Planetary Clairvoyance”

Within the darkest corners of Toronto Ontario lies a dilapidated graveyard spawning nothing but fresh Tomb Mold.

On their third release Planetary Clairvoyance this musty death metal group launches deep within the lurches of the underground and soar into the depths of space.

Label: 20 Buck Spin

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Planetary Clairvoyance isn’t a large departure from the furious, dense brand of death metal Tomb Mold are becoming known for, however with a bit of a cleaner production this album provides enough clarity to separate it from their previous release.

What I hope is intentional is that Manor Of Infinite Forms was a creeping, dank album focusing mainly on mysterious beings below the earth. It needs that underground filthy production. Moving into a space themed album similarly calls for a clean, sleek production style. Planetary Clairvoyance beacons a different type of beast. One that is frantically ripping through a ship, with razor sharp grasp.

What I love about Tomb Mold is their ability to have wicked paced rhythm without it become a wall of distorted shit. Each time I go back and listen to this album there is another riff, or drum rhythm I miss out on. It’s that constant discovery that keeps me coming back for more.

This album to me tells an interesting and familiar science fiction story. Imagine waking up in a room, mysterious fluids dripping from the ceiling. Echoes wailing in the air. Frantically searching for an exit, a massive form appears, something that seemed to be there the entire time. It does not speak only stares though a strange feeling consumes the body knowing that this being is inside analyzing your deepest desires making nightmares a reality.

This album is the exact feeling of being on a ship that is slowly depleted with oxygen. It becomes suffocating in the fury of each song, with only a few seconds on each track to give a breath of air. Infinite Resurrection is the “slowest” track on the album with a nice knuckle dragging death metal riff.

As you escape toward the end of the album things continue to pick up as your escape pod burns for salvation. Though the moral to any good horror story, or death metal album for that matter is a satisfying and brutal ending.

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The world dissolves on the album closer Heat Death as the little piece of hope combusts leading to a furious rain of fire an ash.

Tomb Mold are a major force in the death metal scene. They can evolve on each album they release and prove that they will be a permanent fixture in death metal. Enjoy!

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