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Get on board with new Moira Scar music video ‘Deviants’

Photo by Kevin Brown

For a full decade now, Bay Area freak punks Moira Scar have been pushing the music scene to new depths of expression with their gloomy yet colorful dirgey death rock. With custom costumes, unconventional instrumentation, and complete genderless chaos, this outfit continues to explore every corner of emotion while keeping the crunchy synths and shrieking distortion alive. Next up in their dense catalog is the music video for their new single ‘Deviants’ which they describe as –

a song about resistance to fascism and conformity, of freaks on the margins rising up together, those othered standing up proud in our otherness, we are not as others and we do not want to be, we are dispossessed as in not possessed by the mainstream nor by any subgroup mind-controls, we are our own beings, invisible angels and misunderstood monsters, Deviants on the edge are dangerous but with unique visions, stubborn obscure creatures making demonic sounds of yearning, loss, rage, love, and messages from other worlds, dreaming a new reality while dwelling with spiral intention and without shame in this world.  Dance your own dance, Spirit awaits, ghosts salivate.

This single also serves as a preview to their upcoming album, a split with V.E.X. entitled ‘Between Worlds’ out soon.

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