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Avant Garde

Fuck life… witness the Industrial Noise Rap of PRISON RELIGION

PRISON RELIGION is next level sick! Should I describe them as Hip Hop? Punk? Avant Garde? What I’ll say is they create sounds that will attack your reality and set off a sonic explosion in your mind that will leave you speechless. Their recorded music made more sense to me after seeing them live. While watching them, I realized that they gave me the same feeling as watching Black Flag live. PRISON RELIGION’s music makes the listener confront their inner demons while holding on to your dream state of mind. Shattered glass was once whole and in chaos there is beauty – remember that while listening to PRISON RELIGION. I’ve got to give s.M.i.L.e. a huge shout out for putting on such a killer event this past weekend that also featured Debbie Friday and Jasmine Infiniti alongside PRISON RELIGION.


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