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Power Corrupts! Tales From Nantucket by Pete, Inc. Fanzine Spotlight

So what do punks do in America when they have an insanely fucked president in power? They create killer art that takes aim at the asshole shitting in the highest seat! During the ’80s Punks rocked against Ronnie and some of the sickest art was created for posters and album covers. Now fast forward to 2021 and the end of the Trump era – I’m not surprised that PETE INC. has created this RAD classic anarcho-punk style zine called Tales From Nantucket by Pete, Inc. When I look at this fanzine it reminds me that not much has changed in this fucked up world since the ’80s, and maybe it’s even gotten worse. Instead of complaining, Pete did what punks do – he manifested his angst through artistic expression! Order your copy of Tales From Nantucket by Pete, Inc. HERE!

“Like a lot of kids in the 80’s, I was disaffected, shunned by everyone at school and didn’t know what to do with myself. Things were unbearable at home, so I took off from Southern California on my 16th birthday and ran away to Berkeley to be a homeless punker. I found a family that accepted me and aside from a year I spent in a southern Utah survivalist reform school digging post holes, I’ve been with them ever since. Punk rock saved my life.”

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