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From Nowhere To Everywhere… HAWKWIND Documentary

Hawkwind is the foundation from which many bands start. They are one of the bands that mastered the heavy sound early on. Hawkwind also bridged the gap between the freaks, hippies, and punks. I’m not even going to write about how many bands they’ve influenced. I will say this though – some of their best music was made with the king of speed as their lead singer, Lemmy. On a personal level, I love puffing on a happy spliff and blasting Hawkwind. A couple of years ago, one of the coolest documentaries was made about their musical journey. What I took from this film is how important the whole artistic community was to them and that a concert should be more than just a show, it should be an experience. Take a trip into the Hawkwind universe and check out this awesome documentary.

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