The Frighteningly Bizzare & Awesome world of FECAL MATTER!

Hannah Rose Dalton (22) and Steven Raj Bhaskaran (24) aka Fecal Matter are the sickest duo on Instagram. These two take self-expression to a whole other level and I fucking love it! When you go to their page, you will see them in otherworldly outfits that they have made themselves and can be bought on their Depop shop. What I love about what they do is that they just do not give a fuck and they created their own lane. The DIY approach to their universe is punk as fuck, which is why this duo are some of our favorite beings on instagram!

“We like the idea that is it’s called ‘Fecal Matter,’ even if we are labeling it as something disposable,”

“It’s things that we don’t like in the industry, like the child labor, the waste that goes on in the fabric industry, the dyes that are harmful for the environment,” says Bhaskaran.






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