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Find your Solitude with the new Video from NOLA Punks WASTE MAN “Pariah”

waste man

Don’t you feel like we all deserve some fucking time off? Like, can the entire world take a sabbatical? Where is your solitude? What do you do to spend quality time with yourself? That’s where you’re going to finally feel satisfaction, where you’re going to find the core of you. NOLA punks Waste Man are making me wish I was outside with nothing but me and music as I watch their video for “Pariah.” Ironically, I’m not a fan of fishing, but I understand the connection to one’s most basic self, the part of us that hunts and gathers, so many centuries in our past for many of us, but just as alive in us today as it was then. Finding the space in our minds in the labor of our hands. Let’s delete our social media and go do the stuff that makes us happy to be alive with no one watching. No one validating, no one flattering, no one posing. Just being a social pariah who doesn’t give a fuck. Their album One Day It’ll All Be You is out now via Feel It Recordsorder it here. Right now it’s time to go fish with Waste Man with our exclusive premiere of their video for “Pariah.”

“Pariah” is featured on ‘One Day It’ll All Be You’ – the new Waste Man album available now on Feel It Records. Video directed and produced by Zack Shorrosh.
waste man
waste man
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