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Experience The Filthy D-Tuned Masterpiece that is PEINE KAPITAL S/T LP

I want death for those who harm the people that I care for! I want death for those who stand for the downpressors of the occupied! I demand justice for all, and death for those who stand for racism of any kind! I spit in the face of those who subjugate and kill people because of the color of their skin! I have no respect for those skinfolk who aren’t kinfolk as they side with racists! As y’all can tell, I need to get some things off of my chest.

The soundtrack for the inner turmoil that I’m feeling is the self-titled filthy sludge album from Peine Kapital that is out now on Sludgelord Records! Unholy fucking hell yes — this band has manifested one of the gnarliest D-Tuned records of 2023! The slow-lurching riffs are full of morbid bile that leaves me saying fuck yes, this band is sick AF! This is the kind of music that I consider to be modern-day apocalyptic blues. I have no problem plugging my Sonic reality into hate-filled sludge like this because, in a twisted way, I find this kind of music to be healing! I dare you to blast their song “Cour Bestiale” and then tell me that this band is not the shit. I have no faith in the power structures that be, and bands like Peine Kapital paint the kind of world we are living in, riff by filthy riff! I lost all sense of fear in the feedback of D-Tuned anthems like “Uniformol.” I refuse to be silent, and bands like Peine Kapital have manifested an album that gives me a place to center my HATE!

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Sentient 51423

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