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80s Hardcore

Fearless Vampire Killers…
Bad Brains Live @ CBGB’s 1979

I remember when New York was a dirty, gritty place where sleazy freaks were a part of the fabric of the community. Without this era, contemporary art as we know it would it would not exist. In 1979, four black punks from Washington, D.C. called the Bad Brains travelled to the Lower East Side and changed the face of punk. When you ask any NYC hardcore kid from the early 80’s what band influenced them the most, they would all say the Bad Brains. It’s interesting that this band had to leave their home city to really start getting the recognition they deserved. Their sickest recording sessions took place in NYC, where they recorded their historic ROIR Tape (I had the green one). Now check this out: in 1979 they performed an electrifying gig that was captured on film. When you see this footage, you will realize that the Bad Brains are one of the gnarliest bands to ever hit the stage. As a front man in his prime, HR could not be touched! As a band, these brothers wrote classic songs that should some day get them into the rock ‘n roll hall of fame. What is killer about this footage is that it has scenes of NYC everyday life from 1979, which is priceless. Now after the jump, grab your PMA and peep these fearless vampire killers! Shout to our two young daughters for having good taste in music – Bad Brains are one of their favorite bands!


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