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Hardcore Punk

Extremely Rad Hardcore Punk Band Alert: ECHELON Is Gnarly AF!

Hell Fucking YES!! ATL’s Echelon is all fucking that!!! This Hardcore Punk is John Blaze on all levels, from the insane vocals to the incendiary breakdowns! I’m addicted to their latest offering, The Lost Tapes, and can’t help myself from pressing repeat every time it ends. If Discharge and Negative Approach decided to procreate, their hellspawn might sound as amazing as Echelon does. “I DESPISE” rumbles out the speakers and overtakes my reality and I’m not mad. Real talk, I’m no music scientist, but I do feel like this band deserves way more props than they are getting! I’m here to tell y’all that Echelon is the truth and they need to be recognized as one of the illest Hardcore Punk bands doing it right NOW!

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