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Experience this venomous unholy Split From WHIPSTRIKER/ICE WAR!

I can’t and I won’t lie – I love me some kick-ass fucking metal! Especially when the riffs are on fucking point and make you want to RAGE against all of the oppression we are facing! While listening to this boombastic split from WHIPSTRIKER and ICE WAR, I can’t help but be impressed with the musicianship both bands bring to the game.

The speed metal warlords WHIPSTRIKER never fail to bring the pain and they’ve done it again with this split. They create the kind out-of-this-world Metal Punk that brings the scenes together. Right about now, we all need more unity, and their songs could be the soundtrack to us coming together to punch Racism in its ugly face!

Next up is ICE WAR and all three of their anthems will have you bowing down to the gods of metal. Then you’ll rise up against the state-sponsored clouds of fear that are floating above our heads!

Straight up, this is one of my favorite splits of 2021. This is why I’m so fucking stoked to be sharing this beast in full below…Salute to Hellprod Records for putting this record out on April 21st. Pre-order in effect HERE!

ice war
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Sentient 51423

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