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Experience the virulent fury that is the Dumpster Coffin Full Stream

New York’s Dumpster Coffin is a lean, mean metallic hardcore machine, except one that’s also self-aware and homicidal. Debuting their full-length today, this quartet spews aural wrath with merciless speed and ferocity. The eight songs comprising their inaugural release take cues from Trap Them, Tragedy and early Converge, combining these virulent morsels with their own bitter flavors.


The darkness evoked by their name, the throwaway emptiness accompanying life’s end, is reflected with ugly honesty through Dumpster Coffin’s roiling jams. Their self-titled debut is an exacting metallic hardcore siege poised to be among 2019’s most unique heavy releases.

Dumpster Coffin will be available from Glory Kid Ltd. on October 18th via limited cassette.

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