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Experience the Uplifting Gloom of VACÍO ETERNO’s Demo

I fucking love turning y’all on to new music! Today I’m turning y’all on to Vacío Eterno who has created an epic post-punk demo. The vocalist is magical and the music is sublime. Honestly, I can’t even believe this is just a demo, because it’s that awesome. Songs like “Suffocate” swirl my mind into a state of grandeur. Vacío Eterno is actually pushing the genre forward and not only looking to the past. Their emotive songs like “Confession” are slow-moving but hit my soul quickly! I’m so excited to see how far this band goes, because their jump-off point is far ahead of the pack. I want to say that Vacío Eterno for allowing us to share their music with y’all! Pre-order it here!

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Sentient 51423

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