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Experience the Transformative Sonic Misery of Kinn’s ‘Have We Recovered, From Our Dreaming?

Have you ever looked up to the Grey London sky bit through the bleakness you can see the sun? Have you ever looked out of the window of a South London council estate and thought about the broken souls that exist in this city? Have you heard music that takes you back in time while pushing you into a new space and time? These are the kind of thoughts that come to mind as I listen to Kinn’s new album Dogtooth which comes out via First Light Records on July 7th. As I listen to “When The Real Is No Longer There” I can’t help but think about how unjust and lonely it feels to exist in a place that does not care about. The levels of sonic misery you will encounter on Dogtooth is Heavy AF but at the same time, the tones are shrouded in a sense of sorrowful hope. The soundscapes that Kinn creates are portals into places many of us don’t want to go and for that fact, I’m a HUGE FAN. “Unwound” is a 19-minute ballad of anguish that morphs into an audio-looking glass that allows me to be thankful for this life and my past lives. My time in London took everything from me but it also built me into who I am today. I want to say thank you Kinn for manifesting such a powerful record that also has the power to heal inner trauma. Join us as we celebrate Dogtooth with the stream “Have We Recovered, From Our Dreaming?” that is taking place below!

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Sentient 51423

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