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Experience the Soaring Post-Punk // Deathrock of DREZDEN “Teratoma”

Your life experiences can totally shape the way you create your art or see the world! Being a product of the 80’s Punk scene has had an impact on how I hear Post Punk/Death Rock because I lived it in real-time. This is why I’m beyond impressed with the new album from DREZDEN entitled Teratoma (pre-order HERE) because I can hear their life experience in every note! As a unit, they have been able to manifest songs that are rooted in the past but at the same time look toward the future. I love how they have been able to blend 80’s Dirge with a blackened passion that is truly infectious. Their Kommunity FK cover “Something Inside Me Has Died” is fucking sublime and is a song I could listen to all day every day. The DREZDEN anthem “Wages Of Sin” makes me feel the energy I felt in Red Lorry Yellow Lorry live for the first time in Hollywood. Everything about Teratoma screams that this band is doing it for the passion! It’s our pleasure to share with y’all this kick ass record in full below. Yo DREZDEN, we salute y’all for creating a Post Punk record that matters!

This Album is dedicated to the memory of our friend and bandmate Davey Bales. Before his untimely passing, Davey and Drezden singer,Joe Truck, had begun writing songs for a new band they had formed together. This band Davey had named- TERATOMA. Some of Davey’s writings for this unrealized project are scattered about within the caverns of this album. We will always miss you Davey.

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