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Power Violence

Pulverizing Unyielding Punishing Experience the New SEA OF SHIT s/t LP

Behind the curtain of normalcy. Behind the walls of fear. Behind the corporate lies. Behind the fucked-up ghost of this world. Behind the corrupt power that imprisons us, there is the inner truth that guides us! SEA OF SHIT’s new self-titled album out now on Nerve Altar puts up a sonic mirror to all of the bullshit that we see every day but look the other way! Real talk this band’s music has crazy amounts of powerful amounts of chaos but at the same time, it’s the seething layers of putrid decaying blues that get me hyped! I need y’all to blast their song “Thirst for Power” and allow that dirgy fucking bass line to open your 3rd eye. That song puts me in a state of mind that makes me realize this nation says I’m free but I know that’s a lie! SEA OF SHIT creates pissed fucked in-head power violence twisted around industrial audio violence and I love it. As I listen to “Charismatic Authority” I can’t help but think about the corporate talk heads that speak death into our ears on a daily and songs like this destroy the illusion of normalcy. I fucking love the breakdowns that I experience with each listen. SEA OF SHIT ain’t fucking around on the vocal or musical tip! This record bleeds passion and shits on the myths of this world! I stand behind and with SEA OF SHIT in wanting the destruction of the lies that keep the silent living in silence! Stand the fuck and turn the volume up to 10! Unholy fuck I love the song “Drainage.”

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Sentient 51423

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