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Experience the gut-wrenching industrial techno of MOTHER CELL Powerhouse

What am I doing right now? I’m imagining myself dancing on the lifeless bodies of our oppressors as I listen to the sounds of the new MOTHER CELL album Powerhouse. Straight up, the chaotic dance tracks that this band puts down are powerful as FUCK! Plus their music takes me back in time to when I would dance my mind out to the sounds of LCD Soundsystem & ARE Weapons. This record has a HUGE punk spirit and is super deep if you allow yourself to be immersed in their world! MOTHER CELL will inspire you to say fuck normal, because normal was never good! For over 500 years, Black people have been hunted down on the streets of America by Racist Animalistic Police! If oppression is normal, then I will keep blasting the new MOTHER CELL album until normal is in its grave! Powerhouse is easily one of my favorite Electro Punk/Dance records of 2021! Unholy Hell, MOTHER CELL rules! Just listen to their track Rage and tell me it’s not the BOMB!

Powerhouse was recorded and mixed by the band and mastered by Steven O’Meara. It will be released on hand-numbered, limited-edition cassette as well as digitally by Metaphorest Records on April 16th. The band will be donating 100% of digital proceeds, as well as a portion of cassette proceeds, from the sale of this album to Detroit Food Not Bombs Food Not Class Collective, as band members Jack and Mason have lived in and/or attended school in Detroit. Preorder it here.

“Powerhouse came together over the course of the last year during the pandemic and brings together some singles from mixes we’ve made together both in Detroit and Brooklyn. We barely had any equipment and basically made the entire thing on GarageBand with skullcandy headphones. It was a lot of meeting up at our apartments and recording in our bedrooms or doing it over Zoom when Jack was stuck back home during lockdown. Although we didn’t have a particular goal in mind for our work when we initially formed, we’ve found ourselves mostly grounded in the club. We all came into ourselves at basement shows and queer spaces and wanted to make a sound that reflected that. It’s emo, gay, loud pop. We just want to make deranged sounds for you to throw back to and cry.” – MOTHERCELL 

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