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Dystopian Dream Pop

Experience the Dystopian Sonic Magic of LAIKAMORÍ “Replika”

With the highest honor we are beyond stoked to share with y’all the new LAIKAMORÍ track “Replika” from their soon-to-be-released album ▲▲▲. I’m keeping it mad real when I say that this band is like no other and manifests magical Dark Dystopian Dream Pop records each time they enter the studio. LAIKAMORÍs songs are sonic portals that will have you traveling to places where only sonic magic dwells. We always play their debut LP “Persōna” whenever we want to leave planet earth. One of my life’s dreams is to see LAIKAMORÍ live high on shrooms because their visuals are next-level, REAL TALK! Join us as we celebrate their new single “Replika” that we are premiering below, and also make sure to peep their insanely epic CVLT Nation Live performances!

The song guides us through a melody submerged in delay and reverb, and a game between different voices as a choir, ethereal soundscapes that convey an aura of melancholy. “Replika was written thinking about this recurrent feeling of not belonging anywhere and the isolation that that arouses”, states Laikamorí.

Replika cover, by: @Sawwarwarsaw
Written By

Sentient 51423

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