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Experience the Blissed out Post-gaze of CHROME WAVES ‘The Rain Will Cleanse’

Excuse me as I float over our reality on the wings CHROME WAVES record The Rain Will Cleanse. Imagine if ’90s Grunge and Shoegaze had a love child, the end result would slap like this offering. More than just a sound, this collection of soaring anthems makes me feel so good to be alive, and with each listen my smile gets bigger. While listening to this album, I envision myself standing in the middle of an open field looking up into the blue sky. You most likely won’t headbang to The Rain Will Cleanse but you will feel every moment of this epic offering deep down in your soul! Songs like “Aspiring Death” make me realize that I will always be down to ride the CHROME WAVES sound waves! I’m really stoked to share with y’all their new record in full below — it comes out via Transcending Records (CD) and Disorder Recordings (Vinyl & Cassette) on Sept.10th.

The Rain Will Cleanse may come as a surprise for some of our usual audience. To us it was a natural progression, coinciding with a vision we had a few years ago when the band restarted. For a long time, most of us have played heavier music, without having an outlet to exercise the melody and emotion fitting of our writing and interest. Like most bands though, we are mostly writing for ourselves and our own enjoyment. As is the tradition, we will continue to write what feels right in the moment, not caging ourselves into any specific genre or theme. We hope you enjoy this album in the same or different way you’ve enjoyed previous.  

– James Benson, guitarist/vocalist 
The Rain Will Cleanse will see release on September 10th, with Transcending Records handling the CD and LP formats and Disorder Recordings handling the cassette and digital. Place orders HERE.
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Sentient 51423

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