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These days of hate, I search for truth! Experience SHOW ME THE BODY ‘Trouble in the Water’

Mei Mei McComb

These days of hate, I search for truth! These days of hate, I search for truth! These days of hate, I search for truth!

These are lyrics from the new SHOW ME THE BODY song “War Not Beef” from their brand new album Trouble in the Water. I can’t front — I really love this record on so many levels! Lyrically, this band waves their NYC flag high but it’s only for those that know the truth. “Bowery ain’t just a fucking street” are words that touch on the culture of the Lower Eastside and how the whole hood is being lost to gentrification. Culturally speaking, the class war that is taking place all over NYC is stripping all of the boroughs of that energy that makes them special. SHOW ME THE BODY is capable of painting a portrait of what really happening to the everyday people in the city. What’s important to note is that it’s the displacement of locals is happening all over the world.

It’s the honest rage of Julien’s vocal delivery that impresses me so much and draws me into the band’s mental state. Musically, SHOW ME THE BODY is pushing the culture forward on Trouble in the Water and their use of electronics is so fucking spot on it ain’t even funny. Imagine if Suicide, Big Boys, DK’s, and Skinny Puppy decided to collab on an album — the outcome might sound like this album. I love songs like “WW4” because the minimal vibes sound POWERFUL AF. When Julien sings it’s “Hard to stay alive in America” I can totally relate! He is speaking for a certain part of youth culture that mainstream culture is trying to silence. This is way more than just a Hardcore Punk record, this is a record that will leave sonic footprints on your brain. By no means is this a Hip Hop Punk record, but I will say that SHOW ME THE BODY‘s love for Hip Hop is all over this album in a very unique way. The biggest thing I take away from this album is that if the kids unite we can win the fight!

“It’s easy to tell Hate from love”!

Mei Mei McComb
Written By

Sentient 51423

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