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Experience Reality’s Deconstruction With SUTEKH HEXEN and FUNERARY CALL’s Black Noise Nightmare – “P:R:I:S:M” – Full Album Premiere

Sutekh Hexen’s thirteen-year career as nightmare-projecting extreme ambient masters is well documented on these pages, starting from our early coverage of their raw black metal noise rituals in their native Bay Area from the late 00”s, all the way to their gradual transformation into a black power ambient beast into the ’20’s. Fearless and inexorably grim, the Oakland regal black noise ritualists carry onward into the abysses of subconscious assembling another harrowing sonic weapon of total soul-disintegration in the form of “P:R:I:S:M” – a brand new double album crafted in full 50/50 collaboration with long running Canadian experimental noise and field recording artist Harlow MacFarlane, AKA, Funerary Call. Today we’re ecstatic to premiere the beast in full as testament of the immense power these two entities have been capable of unleashing when conjoined via a full stream of “P:R:I:S:M” right here:

“P:R:I:S:M” isn’t only an assault on the senses but also a menacing threat to the subconscious, as this is soundtrack-like nightmare fuel designed to sink the mind into a trance and detach it from the body. These infernal soundscapes wrap their spires around the senses like a mortiferous fog, injecting a slow-acting dissociative venom that dissolves the soul into an hallucinatory death-scarred continuum. Trance, hypnosis, powerlessness, total disassociation, are all effects sought and achieved with meticolous craftsmanship, almost as if this is not actually “music” being created, but an alchemical formula designed to obliterate consciousness and dissolve reality. Power electronics, black & dark ambient, noise, black metal, ritual industrial, horror-infused drones and a crushing burden of deconstructed field recordings are the prime ingredients to an hallucinatory trip deep inside an inner wretched dimension summoned within the listener from the inside out. An all consuming void, being nurtured from the innermost crevices of self, which then gradually eats itself outward to destroy the listener from within, annihilating the mind and ravaging flesh.

“P:R:I:S:M” releases officially tomorrow July 14 2023 on 2LP, CD, tape and digital/streaming services via two labels who in recent years have been reshaping the notion of elite dark and experimental music on each side of the ocean: France’s dark ambient & industrial epicenter Cyclic Law and the US’s extreme music death dealers Sentient Ruin:

US LP / tape (Sentient Ruin):​​​​

EU LP / CD: (Cyclic Law):

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