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Power Violence

Experience Ferocious Power Violence of COMBAT DRUG’s Suicide Tactic” EP

Hell Fucking YES, the new COMBAT DRUG Suicide Tactic EP is bonkers and which is why I’ve got it on repeat! I love the kind of blown-out spazztastic Power Violence they manifest! Straight up, this band laces all of their songs with this sonic stench of dirge that has me addicted. COMBAT DRUG songs are short bursts of audio torment that will cause anguish to your existence in a good way. Yeah, their tunes will crank your skull but they will also leave you with a sense of JOY! Imagine if Despise You, My War-era Black Flag, and Septic Death decided to start a band in 2023 the outcome might sound like Suicide Tactic. When I blast their songs like “Checkmate” or “Manifest Illness,” I realize where my love for fucked in the head music comes from. The vocalists in this band are so fucking spot on and the musicianship is next-level AWESOME! I know for a fact that this is only the beginning for COMBAT DRUG because they are that freaking SICK! This country was founded on violence, genocide, white supremacy, and lies. I hope these ills of the country will be destroyed at the hands of Ultra Power Violence caused by a COMBAT DRUG!

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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