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CVLT Nation Streaming:
IMPLODES “Reverser”

I’m in awe of the new IMPLODESReverser is a perfect soundtrack for watching  the sun rise while everything around you blows in the wind! In between the sonic textures that this band creates is where you will find the magic. I feel so freaking lucky that CVLT Nation is streaming IMPLODES Reverser in full below! Make sure to head over to the always on point Gilead Media and pick up your copy HERE…Stay tuned for our full review of this epic record!

Release details via Gilead Media:

I first came to know of Chicago’s Implodes when my old pal and founding member Matt Jencik sent me a link to check out their demo a few years ago. The dense forest of fuzz, reverb, and delay in which they reside is was something I was immediately super into, and it’s been great to watch them evolve as a band through their two full-length releases with Kranky, Black Earth in 2011 and Recurring Dream in 2013.

Now, in 2015, I’m honored to finally be able to work with Matt (live bassist for Slint and Papa M), Ken Camden (two solo albums on Kranky), Emily Elhaj (of Angel Olsen’s band and also of Mayor Daley), and Justin Rathell (of Chicago band El Mejor), to release a new EP containing two unreleased tracks from their Recurring Dream session and two newly recorded tracks.

Implodes weave through that lush fuzz forest with a river of somber rhythm, carrying subtle melodies along the way for the listener to latch onto. Simply put, this is rock music, but it’s rock that is rooted deeply in the worlds of drone and ambient.

Reverser will be presented as a 45 rpm 12″ with a download code included. Limited to 375 copies on various vinyl colors.


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