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Unapologetically Powerful! Unapologetically Magical! Enter the World of THE 83RD ‘c r u $ h c i t y’

So, I was thinking about Africa and her descendants’ connection to dance music and when it started. I think the answer would be the first time the drum made a sound on the continent. Then I got to thinking about how Africa and her descendants have used dance music as a weapon of mass change and a weapon against their oppression. It’s been a part of our spirituality, even when the colonizer religions tried to make dancing a sin. This goes back thousands of years — from Zulu warrior songs to candomblé and capoeira in Brazil. When I think about my people standing up for truth and rights, music has always been a part of our fight and celebration. It’s a trip how white supremacy in the media has made many people believe that Dance Music was started by and speaks to only white people. I don’t want to give y’all a history about this distorted fact, but I will say it’s fucking false!

The 83rd‘s new record c r u $ h c i t y out now on Sermon 3 Recordings proves that dance music is not only a Black thing but also a major sonic weapon of mass change. This NYC resident is so talented that I find it hard to put into words and I have had his new record on repeat, REAL TALK! I love the way that he combines so many sounds from the African Diaspora to manifest a sound that is truly his own. On the title track, he samples Kwame Ture, which makes me want to dance while thinking about how AAPRP changed my life and the lives of so many others. “u dont love me u love what i can do 4 you” is a sexy AF jam that puts a smile on my face. What I respect about The 83rd’s work is how he shows the world that our experience is far more than just trauma. We created what the world knows as dance music and it’s our time to celebrate and educate. Now, I want to salute The 83rd for pushing our culture FORWARD! Listen to c r u $ h c i t y and dance!

Kwame Ture
Big Freedia

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Relapse DF 92123
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