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Experince The Enchanting Experimental Soundscapes of FÅGELLE ‘Den svenska vreden’ + Visuals

Certain music takes my mind to beautiful places where I’m free of any negative self-talk. Certain music takes me to a place that feels like my past but gives me a sonic window into my future. Fågelle’s music is beyond special and her voice is transcendental plus magical. Her new album Den svenska vreden is out now via Medication Time Records and is full of fragile soundscapes that are powerful. I suggest y’all light a candle turn the lights down put on the track “Jag går när jag är klar” and allow yourself to experience the sonic bliss that is Fågelle. I feel so blessed to be able to share the majesty of this artist with y’all. I know for a fact that anyone that listens to Den svenska vreden knows that it is otherworldly!


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Sentient 112217

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