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Dry Insides – Doorway EP Review + Stream

If you like a lot of black and white artwork with a dark and deranged twist, you’ve probably heard of Reuben Sawyer.  Now, I could ramble on about how great of an artist he is and tell you obscure facts about his life, but quite frankly its not my job to discuss his visual work today. If you are in fact intrigued by the half-ass description I gave of his work at the beginning of the article, I have good news. CVLT Nation has covered his art in the past and a simple search on the website will take you right to what you are looking for. As we move forward now, I’d like present you all with a new project of Mr. Sawyer’s that is sure to frequent your stereo from here on out. In 2015, Dry Insides released an EP titled Doorway via Fallow Field that is a raging bag of blackend and distorted punk. For those that don’t know, Dry Insides are a part of the Failure Recordings alumni (who released their Sacrifice 7″), which consists of bands like Firewalker, Symptom, Leather Daddy, and a personal favorite of mine, Brain Slug. The Doorway EP brakes for no one, and if you aren’t ready for one of the better displays of contemporary punk then I suggest you get ready quickly. From start to finish, this EP delivers all the sounds any self-described “punk” or “hardcore” fan should love. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll more than likely inflict serious harm to yourself after hearing this EP, and most importantly, you will stop complaining on the internet for the eleven minutes it takes you blast this EP in its entirety. For fans of Hoax, Gag, and any other bands that dress like a walking “punk” catalog, this will be your new runway anthem.


For those interested, here is the Failure Recordings bandcamp:



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