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This is a Raw Hardcore Punk Party! Listen to DRILL SERGEANT “The Cosmic Leash”

Unholy awesomeness!! Denver’s Convulse Records is becoming a powerhouse in the world of Hardcore Punk. This label is getting stronger and stronger with each release. Their new record from DRILL SERGEANT is the fucking shit and a non-stop Hardcore Punk party that will have you saying WTF! We’re hyped to share their new EP The Cosmic Leash in full below and make sure to pre-order this killer piece of fury right HERE!

Drill Sergeant are from Philadelphia and feature members of Fixation, Fluoride, Absinthe Father, and Stud Count. This release, The Cosmic Leash, was initially self-released digitally by the band, but now we’re putting it out as a cassette release limited to 50 copies. 

Art by by Cain Cox
Written By

Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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