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Experience the Amazing Dream Pop Bliss That is CRUSHED’s ‘Extra Life’

I write this from a place of BLISS. I write this from a place of AMAZEMENT. I write this from the sonic wonderland that is the new CRUSHED EP entitled Extra Life that is out now via Funeral Party Records. To say that I’m addicted to this record would be an understatement, because I can listen to it at least 7 times in a row and not get tired of it! Every song is an anthem that will embed itself into my brainwaves only to exist forever! What I think is so important about CRUSHED is their attention to production, and how each layer of sound has a place. The music is delicate but still has this low end to it that adds a foundation of power that makes Extra Life even more special. I have been a fan of Bre Morell’s vocals and lyrics for years, but on this release, her vocals make me feel like I’m floating in space and being guided into another universe. When I heard “waterlily” (the drums are magical) for the first time it reminded me of how I felt when I first heard Stone Roses’ “Fools Gold.” The tune “bedside” has tones in it that make me feel good to be alive and Bre’s soaring vocals make me cry tears of joy.

I feel so blessed that I get to turn people on to wonderful bands like CRUSHED. For 26 minutes, y’all can lose yourself in the sound of Extra Life, and no matter how crazy the world is y’all can find inner bliss in this record! It’s super rad how these two humans looked to the past for inspiration but have pointed all of us toward the future. All of the love and respect that CRUSHED receives is well deserved because they are that good! I know for a fact that Extra Life will be in our Dream Pop Top 5 at the end of 2023. I have this crazy feeling that CRUSHED is going to blow up in the UK first and then come back to the States — the rest is Dream Pop Legend. In the words of Positive K, Bre Morell & Shaun Durkan are a “GOOD COMBINATION”!

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