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Dismal! Come To Grief 2016 Full Set

We all know that some really fucked up shit has been happening around the world on almost a daily basis. It makes me want to listen to music that sounds the way I feel. Which brings me to Come To Grief, a band that was founded by Terry Savastano of Grief, and will be touring the West Coast with their first stop in Vancouver, B.C. on Aug. 4th, with Haggatha supporting. I know for a fact I will be there with all of the other sludge/doom lovers in Vancity! In the meantime, check out this mammoth full set of Come To Grief killing shit earlier this year. Stay tuned to our upcoming interview with this seminal band…The world is fucked  – no wonder I dig Come To Grief so much!





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  1. Renato Brieno

    July 19, 2016 at 10:34 am

    Terrenza Savastano did you make any efforts to contact other founding members and have a legit reunion??

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