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Battle Jackets Galore! Defenders of the Faith – the new book by Peter Beste

I have waiting years to do this feature and today is the the day! On Sept. 27th, the must-have book Defenders of the Faith by Peter Beste will be released via Sacred Bones. Over the course of many pages, you will bear witness to how the battle jacket/vest is a major part of both the Metal and Punk communities! What I love so much about this book is that it shows how much love and passion goes into each piece. When I look at these underground expressions of self, I see great works of art that take hours or months to create, in many cases. I respect Peter for taking the time to travel around the world to capture so many killer battle jackets and vests. If you’ve ever sewed a patch on to your jacket, do the right thing and pick up your copy of Defenders of the Faith HERE.
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