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Deep, Dark & Dangerous! Experience OXOSSI’s Empty Kisses

I remember the day I found sunshine in the rainy London sky. I remember the day I danced non-stop to the sounds of thumping bass. Today I can’t stop moving to the sounds of OXOSSI’s new EP Empty Kisses — it’s out now via Manuka and it’s full of jams! I love the drama and tension that is created on each track. When I hear songs like “Closure,” I find myself thinking about all of the nights I could not stop dancing, plus the vocal sample on this track is perfect. I can’t even put OXOSSI into any sort of box, but I will say that this music is created by someone who is full of passion. One more thing that the producer of “Empty Kisses” knows — the importance of creating space in a track so that the vibes can build. If you need a sonic slice of happiness, just blast anything by OXOSSI.

Oxossi Empty Kisses EP

Oxossi Escher

Written By

Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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