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Death Transfiguration: CARRIONKATE Decorated Skulls

Kate C. – aka CarrionKate – is an artist/musician from Oakland, CA, who, when not working as an Elementary Educator, riding bikes, reading science fiction, making vegan food, being outdoors in the beautiful wilderness of Northern California with their dog, or at local punk/metal shows, likes to decorate animal skulls. Kate has been doing this for a while, and the results are staggering. Who could imagine that carrion could become such a canvas for amazing self-expression and a conduit or such unique artistic interpretations. What’s interesting is that with Kate being vegan, one would think that there is somewhat of an anomaly here in their appreciation and passion with using animal parts for art. In reality, Kate’s art seems to be a way to revive the animal’s beauty through its remains, celebrating its existence and juxtaposing the beauty of nature, of life, and of death, on an artistic plane as a means for self-expression and of passionate commemoration of a precious life now gone. Kate in fact only uses ethically sourced taxidermy, which is then heavily transfigured using Midnight Black Micron pens into the occult and the ever unknown. NO animals whatsoever are ever harmed in making this art, and ALL animals/bones/teeth/parts are always researched first and humanely sourced in accordance with Kate’s beliefs and artistic code.  Shoot Kate an email if you wish to know more about their art and craft, and observe the magnificence that is their work below, which can also be purchased on their online store.




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