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Death Metal

Experience The Extremely Filthy Disgusting Death Metal of PESTIS 2023 Demo

I FUCKING LOVE being a part of CVLT Nation and being able to turn y’all onto UREAL bands like PESTIS!!! This band’s 2023 demo slaps harder than loads of albums that have come out in the past 5 years! Unholy hell yes, they manifest the morbid-infested Death Metal that I love! I can totally hear their Punk Roots and that’s probably why their music resonates with me so much. While blasting the PESTIS demo, I keep having visions of using the oppressors’ weapons to destroy oppressors! What I really dig about the way that they write songs is that they focus on keeping a sinister grove going under all of the sonic filth they conjure up in their Death Metal anthems. All y’all have to do to hear how sick this band is is blast this full demo at least once. I was hooked on the opening riff and by the last song, “Blazing Legions,” I was headbanging NON STOP! Yo PESTIS — if y’all are reading this, I need a full-length like NOW! I’m addicted to y’all’s sound!

Written By

Sentient 51423

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