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80s Hardcore


TEN – ODIO Ancora

Hey hey punx worldwide, listen up: Oakland’s finest hardcore punk earhole abusers ODIO (Italian for “hatred”) have returned with a raging new EP! Odio play Japanese-styled noisy hardcore/punk/crust and feature members of such Bay Area stalwarts as Holy, Korrosive, Tørsö, etc. Scorching and abrasive noise-drenched hardcore, built with the sole purpose to blow out eardrums beyond repair and incite wide scale riots with an absurd sandblasting of lawless feedback, pounding rhythms, hammering riffs, and swarming delay are what-you-get!

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NINE – MOBLISH Hallucinations of Freedom

This Montreal Hardcore band brings the anger I need in my hardcore punk! Now it’s time for you to check out Moblish so you can hear the rage they unleash on Hallucinations of Freedom.



One of the first bands that we covered on CVLT Nation almost 7 years ago was the mysterious Sesso Violento. It’s been a blast to be a HUGE fan of theirs and watch how the band has grown over the years! Today I am here to tell you that Sesso Violento is no more, but they have left us with this rad last tape called Vicious. I know for a fact that this fucker is going to sell out soon, so you better get one before they are gone! All hail Sesso Violento – you will always be a part of the CVLT Nation family!



SEVEN – HAARM Infinite Light

HAARM were a fucking beast to behold. This deviated punk band from the LA underground was a fucking threat. Their abrasive, hateful, primitive and fucking vile hardcore punk was hard to forget for anyone who stumbled upon it, as it left wounds and unshakeable trauma deep within. I saw them play once and they turned the place into a slaughter house, and their small but incinerating recorded output is some of the most fucked in the head shit in existence. I’m not really sure why they disbanded (below is a photo of their last show ever), but since they did, I thought it was worth sharing their new, albeit swansong, EP Infinite Light with you all, which may just as well be their best and most harrowing material yet. I don’t know if “raw punk” is a term that applies well to this band – all you need to know is that this music is indeed rooted in punk but it seethes with unseen deviancy and unhinged hostility. RIP HAARM – you will be missed!!!



SIX – EXIT ORDER Seed Of Hysteria

Unholy fuck EXIT ORDER’s LP Seed of Hysteria is one HUUUUGGGEE Punk anthem that I can not get enough of. This band created an unreal collection of tunes that straight up RULE!


FIVE – HARAM When You Have Won, You Have Lost

When I listen to this record I feel like I am having a show alone in my brain and no one is invited only my slam dancing brain cells!



Is anyone else sick of glass-half-full people who insist on shoving the “it could be worse” logic down your throat every time you decide verbally state your displeasure? If you’re not, you fucking should be – people who think like that are the reason why we’re all paid peanuts at our jobs. However, if there is anything worse than humans who like to be positive all day long, it’s definitely bands who like to be positive. Yeah we get it, your piece of shit post-rock indie fuzz shoegaze synth project just got signed so now you’re under a strict three album contract and are more or less forced to write those hip summertime jams. Fuck you and that neck tattoo you just got because you’re a full time “musician” now. We need less happy hip bullshit clogging up the internet/record stores and more shit that is so pessimistic a Xanax prescription will come with the record.

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This band knows how to get down to the nitty gritty and play that kind of punk that makes you want to step on the necks of all dead cops! Punk’s not dead, because Glue made an album in 2017!



Hot Damn! CONCEALED BLADE lays down the kind of punk grooves that make want to shake my ass and sing along! Stay tuned west coast, because these Pittsburgh aliens are about to hit the road. This LP is the fucking shit and I can’t wait to see them all the way live!!!


ONE – HO99O9 United States of Horror

Fuck the world, don’t ask me for shit!!! I’m even not going to begin to put these aliens into a box, but I will say that the music that they create is next level.We play this LP at least once a week and our whole family goes ape shit!!! When Ho99o9 comes to your town, you better go because they give best show I have seen in decades!




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