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Blackened Crust

CVLT Nation’s Top Nine D-BEAT // Crust Releases of 2016


I will always and forever be a fan of SICK, RAGING, OFF THE CHAIN D-BEAT, and the new SUNSHINE WARD soon to released 12 inch Order will do the trick. This band kicks the teeth out of all authority and kicks oppression in the balls with their non-stop onslaught!

Label: Feral Ward



This band is A FUCKING BEAST and I love them for that!!! Systemik Viølence is a new band from Lisbon, Portugal, that spit in the face of conformity and are releasing their debut tape Fuck as Punk! Their songs are blistering, distorted, raging weapons of mass radness that will freaking rip your throat out! What gets me going about Systemik Viølence is that under the chaos is a well functioning band whose songs have this groove to them that I can’t get enough of, and which just might be the same for you!

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Ohyda is a dark hardcore punk band from Lublin, Poland, featuring ex-members of Alert! Alert!. Having formed in early 2015 shortly after the previous band’s end, they played their first gig on May 1st of that year. Inspired by music like Siekiera, Tragiedia, and Atak, Ohyda brings psychedelic and postpunk flavors to hardcore. Their debut self-titled record is out now on LVEUM.

“Wladza” opens the album with feedback and rough noise. The guitar creeps along in a high pitched whine not unlike something you’d hear in a Bauhaus song. A tough, doomy guitar picks up right when the echoing, tormented vocals chime in. There’s some obvious crust influence in this track, but they combine a bunch of different elements to make it their own, giving it a fresh feel.

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SIX – ODIO Un Mondo Libero Dall’Uomo 7″ EP

ODIO (Italian for “hatred”) are a Japanese-styled noisy hardcore/punk/d-beat/crust band hailing from Oakland (duh) CA, and featuring members of such bands as Holy, Korrosive, Tørsö, etc., and Un Mondo Libero Dall’Uomo (again Italian for “a world free from man”) is their debut EP released on 7″ vinyl by Nightrider Records. Much like their Japanese peers like Zyanose, Zouo, Gai, and G-Gas etc, Odio play scorching and abrasive noise-drenched hardcore, built with the sole purpose to blow out eardrums beyond repair and peel skin off with an absurd sandblasting of lawless feedback and swarming delay.

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FIVE – GREEN BERET Standing At The Mouth Of Hell

Good d-beat needs to have a “smash the state” mentality; if it doesn’t, then it misses the point completely. If one of your friends suggests starting an a d-beat band but doesn’t want to be political, tell them to go get fucked. Your decision to become involved with genres of music that stem from the hardcore and punk canon should be a political one. If it’s not, then congratulations, you’ve successfully been nothing more than a “punk” Halloween costume for most of your time in your respected scene. You can drink beer and do stupid shit with your friends in any subculture, so I’d like to think that if you’re reading this you can honestly say that hardcore/punk/whatever came into your life because you were fucking pissed at the status quo and wanted to change it, or at least learn about how you could change it. Let’s face it people, modern pop music and its fan base isn’t gonna do shit when it’s time throw bricks at the cops; hopefully you are, and while you do, Green Beret will provide the soundtrack.

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FOUR – ATRAMENT Eternal Downfall


Okay CVLT Nation fans, friends and family, time to take a seat for what is surely going to be a highlight in your music/audio consumption of early 2016. Relentless, primal, furious, and yes, bestial (as stated in <a href=”” target=”_blank”>our premiere of the first track “No Beyond”</a> a few weeks back) are just a few words that can be used to describe the monstrously ravaging force of Atrament’s new album <em>Eternal Downfall.</em> Members Mattia Alagna, James Meyer, Sam Carr-Prindle, and Chad Gailey are not unfamiliar with the spread of heavy music either, coming from other slaying acts Moral Void, Necrot, Abstracter, Vastum, and (a personal favorite) Black September. They all made the executive decision to personally coagulate and create an Oakland, California reaper beyond definition we have come to know as Atrament.
Calling Atrament simply a powerhouse would be a near criminal injustice, because they’re more like the entire grid, or a country-wide power source, or maybe even the fucking sun. They’re hard as a hydroelectric dam and as hot as what I presume hell itself is. Sharing some of the same D-Beat drum techniques that Moral Void has seen, the speedy riffs of Necrot and Moral Void, crusty dissonance, a distinctively newer deep vocal range that hasn’t been nearly as showcased in Mattia’s other band, Abstracter, which may be the result of him pushing himself into new depths which has me incredibly impressed. Noisy aesthetics are passed on from Black September and Abstracter, and then a splash of crust that is gritty and completely Atrament’s own. Short songs with beautifully disgusting lyrical content, and the unsheathed rusty guitar tones that go hand-in-hand with the harsh vocal tone Mattia gives so graciously that is done solely, I believe, for the purpose of bringing me immense pleasure.

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Labels: f Broken Limbs (US Vinyl), Argento Recordings (EU Vinyl), and Sentient Ruin Laboratories (Tape/Digital)

'Eternal Downfall' insert art detail made by album artist Stephen Wilson

Eternal Downfall insert art detail made by album artist Stephen Wilson



Martyrdöd are unquestionably a metal band, but the roots of their music is in Swedish hardcore, they’re dedicated to the d-beat, and anything you read about them will likely include the words “crust punk” somewhere in the first paragraph (sometimes with “blackened” or “metallic” stuck on the description). Yet they’ve become so much more than what most people would think of as a crust band. Their new album List, for example, is one of the most epic experiences of 2016.

Yes, I know: If there is an afterlife, I will pay some hellish price for using that overworked word. But dammit, there is no better word that comes close to summing up the experience of List.

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Label: Southern Lord


In 2012, I was at a festival called Sound and Fury in Santa Barbara, California, shooting the shit with my friends in the parking lot of the festival grounds, when this dude comes out of nowhere to inform us that the next band playing was, and I quote, “fast as fuck.” That description could not have been more accurate. In fact, I don’t even know what the fuck I’m doing writing this article, because the phrase “fast as fuck” is all you need to remember the next time someone mentions the name Nomads to you. Nomads are a band I’ve seen on and off playing around southern California multiple times; however, when I moved to Arizona they kind of fell off my radar. Until recently, that is, when their new album Love It or Leave It made its way into my inbox a few weeks ago.

Read the full review here

Label: Melotov Records

NOMAD cover web

ONE – ZOLOA Plata o Plomo

Best “punk” album of 2016. An unforgettable onslaught of deranged and heavy as fuck d-beat crust. A low end sonic monster that will devour your speakers. Nuff Said Mattia!

Label: Crepúsculo Negro

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Sentient 51423

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