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CVLT Nation’s Label Spotlight:

CVLT Nation is now broadcasting from planet hardcore and would like to bring you a special news flash! FAILURE RECORDINGS is the shit, and they are only getting started. This Boston label has four releases under their belt and all of them are straight bangers!!!


1. Their BRAIN SLUG 7inch is just pure, uncut, can’t be fucked with hardcore that will have you saying, these fuckers mean business! Damn, once I heard their Christian Death cover of “Spiritual Cramp” I said, hold up, wait a minute, fuck Dig Dug, it’s all about BRAIN SLUG!!!


2. Gimme Gimme Gimme I need my DEATH INJECTION because this band RULES fucking hard!!! Their Demo 7 inch and their Don’t Care tape are blazing from beginning to to end! I can not make you buy their music, but I will say this: nothing by this band will let you down. DEATH INJECTION have some of the raddest breakdowns in hardcore!



3. So what would happen if Lux Interior of the Cramps & Cronos of Venom had a love child? This Satan’s spawn would end up doing the vocals for DRY INSIDES. Their 7 inch Sacrifice is a primitive audio hate bomb that will explode in your ears! What I really dig about this band is that deep down, past the decaying riffs, you can hear and feel a cosmic boogie thing happening…DRY INSIDES is all that and a bag of bones!


In closing, make sure to be on the look out from any future records from FAILURE RECORDINGS, because this label has only begun to spread it’s disease!

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Sentient 51423

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