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CVLT Nation Video Premiere:
DAGHRAVEN “De Admiraal Heeft Geschoten”

Consouling Sounds is one of the labels that continues to push boundaries and is always taking chances. The new DAGHRAVEN record is a prime example – they create massive walls of drone that you can lose yourself in! Check out their new visual, which is as twisted as it is beautiful! DAGHRAVEN’s self-titled LP will be released on March 26th. Right now, check out their visual below and press replay so that the sounds can enter parts of your mind you didn’t know existed!


Daghraven is the ambient/drone sibling of the Belgian band Illuminine, but sets out for its very own course. This is music composed after dark. It oozes a creepy eeriness out of every pore. Intricately constructed yet epically dispersed, Daghraven makes up for a brooding archeological listening trip through layers of our very own soil. Referring to our own medieval and (early) modern past, it scrapes behind the surface of the veil of time, revealing the awkward construct of reality’s fabric. It’s ambitious music in all its subtle droning shades.

All photography Stefaan Temmerman / Design Dehn Sora

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