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Death Metal

CVLT Nation Premiere:
Streaming Venefixion – Defixio

Underground death metal lovers will love Venefixion’s debut demo, the so-far much-ignored Defixio. Is it up to CVLT Nation to raise awareness for this thrash-tinged death metal juggernaut? Defixio has four tracks of raging, grooving death thrash sure to send death metal lovers to the pits. Venefixion sound like a veteran band. Two of the band members here have seen time in bands like Ritual Temple – namely vocalist F. Goathroat – while lead guitarist, W. Cadaver, spent time in Cadaveric Fumes, and guitarist, bassist, drummer K. Desecrator has spent time amongst the ranks of Necrowretch and Trench Hell.

It’s clear Venefixion saw inspired participation from all members of the band. With only few slow sections, the band play get-up-and-go death metal that groans for new blood. Venefixion are from France, and Iron Bonehead Productions has signed them on for the release of their demo, one punishingly brutal slab of thrash-tinged death metal.
The band has been active since 2013, and with the release of Defixio, a much awaited proper full-length is within sights for the band. What do these guys like to sing about? Death, voodoo and curses without cures. The band begins the riff from the start of the demo, and they don’t look back. Defixio literally clears the congested bowels of civilization and turns everything into wasteland. There are some slower, groovier, more melodic sections with double-bass kicking, and the tempos never stay slow for long before the band rip another set of shred and thrash segments that clear crowds of death-mongers faster than the cops can disperse a riot.



The band blaze from the beginning and the four tracks go by in a blur. This material is perfect for a demo if a band wants to start out of the gate strong. The songs are full of energy and the performances aren’t sloppy. Venefixion are clearly a study in death metal of the South American tradition – unintelligible vocal roars, thrashing, shredding guitars, and drums that keep pace with precision, at times raging through tempo changes without difficulty. So, if you like a lot of groovy, heavy South American death thrash like Vulcano and Sarcofago, Venefixion take those influences and incorporates them in their own sound.


Label:Iron Bonehead Productions


You hear a little bit of Necrowretch in the faster-than-you-can-do-it shredding. The guys don’t play mid-tempo or slow chugga-chugga sections to make yer punters snooze. They deliver blow after body blow, before knocking you out with extremely punchy riffs on the closing track.

There’s not that much experimentation going on, and all the better for it. No ambient trickery, industrial noise, and so on. What you get is a demo recorded by a band hungry to perform live, hungry to record more albums. Venefixion aren’t far from the deathstrike, the eponymous debut that defines a career without the use of hype and marketing campaigns. You can’t like death metal and not like Venefixion’s Defixio. When Venefixion come to town, they’ll own the town. Rage, rage against the coming of the light.

Defixio is refreshing and organic. Support good underground metal like Venefixion’s Defixio to keep their creative fires burning.

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Provocateur/Connoiseur of all things dark and grisly. Published author and freelance editor addicted to underground metal of the highest order! Al Necro lives and writes in Manila, Philippines. Abandon hope, all ye who read Al Necro!

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