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CVLT Nation Captures the Modified Ghost Fest Day Four

Text and Photos: Colton Bills

Night four was the shortest night (by that point I didn’t mind too much). Still nursing a hangover, I prepared for thrash/black/celtic/extreme metal bands Absu, Uada and Graveolence.

Graveolence was the perfect opening band, brutal, heavy, fast, loud, disgusting, torturous and tortured. Basically, it made me feel like the scene in Kill Bill 2 when Bill is being buried in the coffin.


Uada ruled. They were really refreshing. Typically, I’ve found a lot of black metal bands have the same sound, and its typical Mayhem/Darkthrone/kvlt-worship. I like bands that break that norm; it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t sound like true-kvlt-metal or whatever, the music is still really high quality blackened goodness. I have been blasting their album since the show. The more you listen to it, the better it gets. I really look forward to whatever these guys put out next.


Absu. That is all. Thrash, celtic, black, thrash, everything. I didn’t know what to expect in a live setting, but this is a black metal band that has showmanship. Shoutout to the drummer, who was doing double duty on drums and vocals. Their music was loud and heavy and evil. The next time you get a chance to see Absu, make sure you take it! These guys were firing on all cylinders and were the perfect end to an awesome first Modified Ghost Fest.


It was a really awesome show that I feel lucky I was able to experience…Respect due to Covenant for being a part of this show!






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