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CVLT Nation Captures: Russian Circles & Mastodon

Mastodon, with Eagles of Death Metal, and Russian Circles

October 25th, 2017 – The Orpheum, Vancouver, BC 

First off, this tour package was an interestingly diverse one. Second, the choice of venue would make most of us scratch our heads until we recognize just how limited Vancouver is when it comes to accommodating all ages shows of this scale.

Upon arrival, I’ll admit that I was a bit miffed to learn that Russian Circles had basically started at the time doors were scheduled to open. As the band that I consider the most interesting on this bill, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed to catch less than the last ten minutes of what was – by all accounts – a paltry half hour set. If it’s any consolation, I enjoyed every minute of what I caught.

Russian Circles


While definitely a little further afield of what we usually cover on here, I have to give Eagles of Death Metal massive props for putting me back into the party vibe. Whether their music captivates you on record or not, seeing them live is that light-hearted rock ‘n roll levity we all need to make us just want to have a good time and not really think about anything else.

Eagles of Death Metal


All in all, I can’t deny that it was a sincere treat to finally catch Mastodon in all their live glory. While I can’t really say I’ve followed them closely since 2006’s Blood Mountain, watching them play in the flesh was a treat nonetheless. To see them at this venue was kind of fitting, actually. Whether you were a die-hard fan from the beginning, or trailed off somewhere along the way, there’s no denying the impact that this band has had on heavy music. Be it their stalwart integrity in the face of breaking through into the realm of mainstream metal, or even if their music truly spoke to you only just once, it’s worth acknowledging that these guys have always just done their own thing.


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