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CVLT Nation Captures MUTOID MAN

Text: Milton Stille
Photos: Milton Stille/Asia Fairbanks

While I’ll admit that my expectations for this show were already pretty high, I really didn’t imagine said expectations to be surpassed. I’m comfortable in saying that those not in attendance definitely missed out.

He Whose Ox is Gored from Seattle opened. I didn’t really know what their performance would bring, as it had been a couple years since I’d heard their music, which happened to be a two-song EP. It was also my understanding that the band had undergone some lineup changes since. The band’s performance showed them to be an evolved version of their earlier incarnation, showing more depth and atmospherics than the EP had me expecting. It’s a shame that more weren’t in attendance.


By the time Wild Throne took the stage, the room had filled up a fair bit. Some might remember them as Dog Shredder from Bellingham, Washington. Again, it’s been several years since I’d heard these guys, and actually wasn’t aware of their move to New York, or name change. This notwithstanding, their performance spoke for itself. High energy, at times technical, and just a good old-fashioned good time.


By the time Mutoid Man commenced their set, the venue was pretty much packed. The set that ensued was one of legend – I haven’t seen a band have so much fun onstage in a long time. Highlights included guitarist Stephen Brodsky’s and bassist Nick Cageao’s ridiculous antics and interactions, one of which involved the brief swapping of instruments, and one of which involved the cupping of balls. High energy throughout the set, it concluded with drummer Ben Koller vacating his throne to let our own Nick Yacyshyn from Baptists sit in for a song. No rehearsal, just on the fly. Just rock n roll. Definite contender for show of the year.



1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1304_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1306_asia_fairbanks 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1310_asia_fairbanks 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1311_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1320_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1324_asia_fairbanks 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1325_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1331_asia_fairbanks 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1331_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1341_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1351_asia_fairbanks 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1368_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1371_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1373_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1384_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1406_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1429_milton_stille 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1304_asia_fairbanks 1_he_whose_ox_is_gored_150823_venue_1301_asia_fairbanks


2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1369_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1405_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1413_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1427_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1448_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1467_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1474_milton_stille 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1479_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1481_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1483_milton_stille 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1484_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1490_milton_stille 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1497_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1506_milton_stille 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1508_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1511_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1511_milton_stille 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1514_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1516_milton_stille 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1518_asia_fairbanks 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1520_milton_stille 2_wild_throne_150823_venue_1551_asia_fairbanks

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