CVLT Nation Captures ACID KING & We Hunt Buffalo

Acid King, with We Hunt Buffalo, and Bort

April 20th, 2018 – The Astoria, Vancouver, BC

I got to the venue just in time to catch the tail-end of Bort’s set. I hadn’t seen them before, but I had noticed a fair amount of people talking about them recently, as they seem to have been playing quite a few shows of late. Exactly as they describe themselves, they’re full of groovy riffs that make you wish you were in the desert and high.



Predictably, and in a good way, We Hunt Buffalo delivered what they’re known for: riffs of the grungy, psychedelic persuasion. Every time I see these guys play, I’m taken aback by how focused they seem to be onstage, yet having a really good time rocking out. This was no exception.

We Hunt Buffalo


San Francisco’s Acid King then took the stage and pummelled everyone with any brain cells left into absolute oblivion. Sadly, the crowd was noticeably sparser than I’d expected for a band of this calibre, but then one has to bear in mind that the last set of the night is probably less than ideal on the day that is considered the international day of celebration for all those that are partial to marijuana. For what it’s worth though, the band certainly took it in stride and delivered a hell of a show.

Acid King 


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