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Creepy As Fuck Horror Art by MOPPAA

Text & Photos via Lazer Horse

All I know about Moppaa is that he’s Russian, he’s a he, his birthday is on March 2nd and he likes making creepy and bleak images. I suppose that’s all I need to know. If you want to check out more of his stuff click here for his Deviant Art Profile…

Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Clown-2 Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Clown Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Creep Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Dens Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Dirt Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Eater Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Evil-Takes-A-Bath Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Golden-Calf-Of-Our-Time Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Guest Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Mad Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Resident Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-Shadow-of-the-Grinch Moppa-Dark-Art-Russia-They

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