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The Illest of the Ill: COLD ARCHIVE is the Coldest Archive Page Doing It Right Now!

Now I’m really going to let y’all into my brain! I can’t remember a time in my life when I was not intrigued with youth culture. Before I discovered skateboarding in the 70’s, I loved watching the low riders drive through our hoods, especially the ones with the chain steering wheels. Don’t even get me started on all of the gangs in my surroundings. Then there was the weed and P-funk culture, which encompassed everything Parliament-related. In LA during the 80s, we also so had Black dancing cliques that would later become gangs. The thing about youth culture is that it’s ever-evolving no matter were it is in the world. This is why one of my favorite pages on IG happens to be COLD ARCHIVE. Not only do these humans curate some of the illest expressions of youth culture, but they write in-depth text to go along with the their photos. Join us as we celebrate the stone cold raddest archive pages online: COLD ARCHIVE. I lose myself on the page on the regular because it’s that damn AWESOME!

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Relapse DF 92123
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