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Chasing the Dragon as the Sun Rises UP! Enter ASIAN DOPE BOYS present PHYSIS

Photo by Olle Holmberg

I love art, I love free expression, and I love seeing people being truly free! All this to say that the ASIAN DOPE BOYS present PHYSIS at this year’s Norberg Festival. The photos and videos below will show y’all how special this event truly was!

Seeking the outermost edge of existence, Physis emerges as a series of encounters among lights, sounds, colors, dust, consciousness, and entangled bodies. A 9-hour performative rave which could be seen as an assemblage of homo without sapiens, incipient lights of echoes, purple haze, elusive beats, and metafictional anxieties. Chasing the dragon as the sun rises up. An other world within the process of its own eternal (re)making — the return of ASIANDOPEBOYS.

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