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Death Metal

Experience the Punishing Decrepit Death Metal Filth of CAVE GRAVE’s “The Cells Are Nearly Dead From Overgrowth”

Hell fucking yes, CAVE GRAVE is HARD AF!!! Their debut record is called “Unfurling Putridity” and comes out on 4/20 via the kick-ass label HAND OF DEATH. I can’t front, this band creates the kind of pure manic Death Metal that I freaking love! They spit out insane layers of sonic filth on every tune and never disappoint. Blasting CAVE GRAVE, I know for a fact that I’m listening to the future of putrid-infused maniacal Death Metal that is going to R.I.P. a hole in the underground. Join us as we celebrate the decrepit audio cesspool that is their song “The Cells Are Nearly Dead From Overgrowth” streaming below! Pre-orders for their record Unfurling Putridity are in effect HERE!

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Sentient 51423

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