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No chants, no acoustic guitars, no fuckin’ around brutha, or I might get raggamuffin! Void Ritual brings tingles down my spine here on 2014’s vastly-underrated Holodomor. Don’t get me wrong. Chants are cool. But Void Ritual ain’t about that on Holodomor, friends. This is straight away second wave supersonic Calgary-crushing

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Dispirit is emerging from the immense shadows cast by the brilliance of the other incredibly influential and groundbreaking bands that have been associated with the mastermind behind it all. John Gossard is a Metal God, and his legacy is impenetrable. His reign of excellency has left some of the most

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I have been following Saturnalia Temple since the release of their first demo, UR. The more old-school doom metal vibe of that demo was overflowing with what was best about the genre – from the heavy riffs, the ‘70s influence to the slight psychedelic and experimental tendencies. Time has passed,

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In spite of the amazing split Vassafor just did with Sinistrous Diabolus, and it having been one of my favorite releases of last year, I somehow almost forgot about this new offering, a split with Temple Nightside entitled Call of the Maelstrom. I don’t know if it just snuck up

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Leave it to our comrades over at Caligari Records to release those underground gems that keep us coming back for more! Their newest signing is DEVILSPIT, whose new tape Grim, Hateful and Drunk will intoxicate you. So what are you in store for? Nine songs of ugly, rocking punk with

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Death – the callous inevitability that hangs over us all, loitering patiently as seven billion clocks tick away their simultaneous countdown towards one of the few true certainties that life has to offer. As the natural world embraces our inescapable journey into the realms of the exsanguinous unknown, one thing

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